Class #1-4


Enhance your healing abilities by establishing a Dinacharya routine and begin your study of Marma points for self-care.  Learn about the subtle energetics of the body and discover the ancient healing rituals of the sages.  Study the powerful healing methods of Ayurveda to help you access your inner wisdom and to become a focused conduit of Pranic energy. 



1- Introduction. Student conduct, fundamental principles of Ayurvedic philosophy and Sacred Bodywork, the history of Pancha Karma, and Kaya. 

2- Ayurvedic anatomy, important terms and systems, the Western model and how it differs from the ancient science. 

3- Level 1-Marma Therapy and Pranic healing; self-care & daily-routine. 

4- Level 2-Applying Marma Therapy in a spa, clinic or private practice. 



Class #5-8


Study healing tools that delight all of the senses through specific selected protocols to enhance proper touch, sound, taste, aroma and sight.  Learn to create a custom Ayurvedic treatment, Detox cleanse or spa package, designed to precisely target what needs to be addressed. Learn to make treatments as healing and potent as possible. 

5- Customize treatments using the subtle sensory pathways and study related healing therapies in Pancha Karma therapy. 

6- Create Ayurvedic treatments and cleanses designed specifically for each body-type--Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. 

7- An in-depth study of toxins (Ama), how they create imbalances, and address the related treatments and remedies to remediate them.

8- Pre and Post Pancha Karma procedures, types of cleanses, selection of treatments, and opening and closing rituals.


Class #9-12


Review all of the therapies and build a healing flow and ceremony for each treatment. Learn to create the most popular spa packages and how to guide clients through Pancha Karma. Study different treatment’s indications and counter-indications. Practical information and guidance on how to set up your business, collaborate with affiliates, and market your offerings. 

9- The 5 main practices of Pancha Karma therapy; Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya, Raktamokshana. 

10- Special Ayurvedic treatments and Pancha Karma therapies for tonification, palliation, or detoxification. 

11- Herbal kitchen including Herbology 101, decoction for your healing practice, Pancha Karma recipes, and detailed instructions for keeping an Ayurvedic kitchen and apothecary.  

12- Business management, marketing, and setting up a successful healing practice.

Photo by Adam mednick

Photo by Adam mednick